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enter in Dingxi City,northwest China's Gansu Province,Oct. 17, 2009. "It is still the most deprived place in the country as many farmers make less than 1,200 yuan (176 U.S. doll▓ars) a year," he said. However, Wen said, "The ro▓ad is better; children have no problem going to school; medical insurance is there and we will wor▓k on the old-age insurance scheme. W

▓e also have a water project that wil▓l hopefully solve the problem of water shortage." 銆€銆€Zhoima, a Tibetan farmer, labors at a

 potato field in Aimagang Township, Xigaxe Prefecture, southw

est China's Tibet Autonomous Region, July 23, 2009. Aimagang Townsh▓ip has been famous for growing potato, which has▓ become one of the ways of attainin▓g prospe

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